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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Self

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The Self

Understanding What and Who We Are

When we look in the mirror, make plans, and think about anything there is always an inner understanding that we are a being. This understanding of being, or self, is extremely important for everything in life and not every animal is capable of such understanding. Lets explore what the self is and how it is developed.


Self and Culture
Gender and Self
Judging Emotion
Self-Perception Theory
Comparisons to Others


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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Financial Accounting - Simplified Explanation for Technical Personnel

Summary of the knol

The links are to knols that explain the basic accounting process in very simple manner for explaining the same to technical personnel. The complexities of accounting transactions are minimized to a very large extent to illustrate the basic principles and a process of accounting. Around six hours of learning may be sufficient to understand the basic accounting process using these knols.

The links given in the knol

Journalising a Business Transaction

Journal Entry – Exercise Problem

Journal Entry – Exercise Problem 2(More simple problem)

Solution to Journal Entry – Exercise Problem 2

Posting Ledger from Journal Entries

Ledger Posting Exercise 1

Trial Balance

Preparing Profit and Loss Account From Trial Balance

Questions and Answers on Basics of Accounting Process

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Corruption of Wikipedia


Wikipedia's business model is generating Web traffic (primarily from search engines) for articles on conventional wisdom that are tightly controlled by a commune of mostly anonymous Administrators to motivate (financial) contributions.

However, according to Correa, Correa and Askanas:
"in Wikipedia, ultimate decisions about what constitutes 'encyclopedic fact' and what constitutes 'vandalism' devolve to a cadre of Internet bureaucrats with no other qualifications than their devotion to Wikipedianism... One of the main problems stems precisely from the fact that Wikipedia's de-facto arbiters of what constitutes 'science', 'information', 'fact', 'knowledge' - those who make it into the ranks of Wikipedia administrators ... are Internet technobureaucrats without any actual love of knowledge or any respect for those who spend their life fighting for it."

The purpose of this article is to explore issues regarding the corruption of Wikipedia. It does not address other Wikipedia issues.

Censorship by Wikipedia, Corruption of Wikipedia, Seth Finkelstein, Kyle Gann, R. Stuart Geiger, Mike Godwin, John Harnad, Jenny Kleeman, Gregory Kohs, Barry Kort, Robert Kowalski, Arthur Rubin, Rachel Marsden, Charles Matthews, Jimmy "Jimbo" Wales


Censorship by Wikipedia
Vandalism and Harassment by Wikipedia
Wikipedia is an “infoCommune”, not an encyclopedia
Wikipedia's Business Model
Wikipedia Libels and Vilifies People
Can Wikipedia be Reformed?
Audio recording of the event is available at the following location:
Wikipedia discussion of "History of Logic Programming by Carl Hewitt" is available here.

Carl Hewitt is Emeritus in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He obtained his PhD in mathematics at MIT in 1971, under the supervision of Seymour Papert (adviser), Marvin Minsky, and Mike Paterson. From September 1989 to August 1990, Hewitt was the IBM Chair Visiting Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Keio University in Japan. He is known for his design of Planner (a pioneering Artificial Intelligence programming language), his work on concurrency (the Actor model), the Scientific Community Metaphor with Bill Kornfeld, and, most recently, on strongly paraconsistent logic (Direct Logic). Hewitt's Erdős number is 3 (by two different co-authors).

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Writing - A Holiday Craft


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Knol - A Great Platform for Creating Written Materials
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Knol Authors - Become Active - Preserve Knol


Google may starve Knol.

3rd December 2008
Google, the Internet search engine giant, is resorting to austerity measures, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Prominent among them include cutting new projects.

Schmidt , CEO, said the company is “not going to give” an engineer 20 people to work with on certain experimental projects anymore.

Top executives say they remain committed to projects they believe hold long-term potential, but are prepared to “starve” lesser ones.

Knol authors write your messages on knol bulletin board for December 2008

Knol authors write your messages on knol bulletin board for December 2008

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Some more astonishing news

Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry says Google (GOOG) will post revenue declines for the next three years -- $15.71 billion in 2008, $15.23 billion in 2009 and $14.57 billion in 2010.

Chowdhry says contacts tell him Google's number of keywords sold is down 2% to 5%. He claims bids on keywords are down by as much as 20%.