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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Very Good Articles on Electronic Circuit Design

Electronic Circuits Design For Beginners:
Chapter 1: Ohm's Law - The Diode - Rectifiers
Chapter 2: Transformer Mounting - Printed Circuit Board - Soldering
Chapter 3: Capacitor - Voltage Filtering
Chapter 4: Regulated Power Supply - 78XX Regulator
Chapter 5: How to Calculate a Heat Dissipator
Chapter 6: Resistor Voltage Divider - Peak Detector - Clamp
Chapter 7: Zener Diode
Chapter 8: Bipolar Transistor - The Transistor as a Switch
Chapter 9: The Transistor as a Switch - Darlington Transistor
Chapter 10: LEDs
Chapter 11: Transistor in Active Region
Chapter 12: Common Collector Configuration

For links of chapters go to Knol Subdirectory - Electronics Engineering - Interesting Knols

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IC Engines and Parts - Videos

Selected videos from youtube on IC Engine and Components are included in this knol. It is a supplementary knol to knol on crankshaft machining.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Crank Shaft Machining

Crank Shaft Machining - For Reference in Industrial Engineering Course

Info. on crank shaft design, forging, casting and machining.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Introduction to Industrial Engineering

Introduction to Industrial Engineering - Course at NITIE

This knol provides a focused view to industrial engineering.

Within the management discipline, there are various functional management areas. The management of functions where the technical skill is engineering is termed as engineering management. Industrial engineering is a functional area in business organizations where the primary technical skill is engineering. Industrial engineering is human effort engineering and system efficiency engineering.

Managers have to take care of effectiveness and efficiency. Effectiveness is deciding the right thing to do. Managers have to understand the customers' needs and wants and decide on the right products and right quantities to make. Then they have to interact with customers on a continuous basis and provide them the required service. Making operations efficient is another activity. Industrial engineers support managers in human effort engineering and making systems efficient.

The knol is now further enhanced by indicating the relevant chapters from Maynard's handbook and knols for each topic of the syllabus.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Introduction to Industrial Engineering

A knol providing the list of knols to be used for a course in Introduction to Industrial Engineering. This is to support a course at National Institute of Industrial Engineering.

Topics Covered

Engineering Revision

Mechanical Engineering - Production Processes - Revision Topics for Industrial Engineers

Introduction to Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering Definitions - 1911 to 2009
Industrial Engineering
Focus of Industrial Engineering
Fundamentals of Industrial Engineering

The Component Areas of Industrial Engineering

Human Effort Engineering

Systems Efficiency Engineering - A Focus Area of Industrial Engineeering

Industrial Engineering and Systems Design

Frank B. Gilbreth: Some of His Industrial Engineering Achievements
Harrington Emerson - A Pioneer Industrial Engineer
Principles of Motion Economy
Motion Study - Human Effort Engineering
Motion Study - Operation Analysis - Questions

Ergonomics - Introduction
Biomechanics in Industrial Engineering Curriculum

Method Study
Process Analysis - Questions/Check List

Value Engineering - Introduction
Statistical Quality Control – Industrial Engineering

Operations Research - An Efficiency Improvement Tool for Industrial Engineers
Engineering Economics is an Efficiency Improvement Tool for Industrial Engineers

Industrial Engineering and Scientific Management in Japan
Shigeo Shingo - The Japanese Industrial Engineer

Systems Engineering - INCOSE View
System Engineering Process and Its Management

Installing Proposed Methods

Organizing for Industrial Engineering: Historical Evolution of Thinking

Monday, February 1, 2010

Engineering Management - The Definition, Scope and Content


Engineering management is management applied to functions, departments, and organizations where engineering is the primary technical skill. (Narayana Rao)

The following functions or departments are natural choices for engineering management

Research and Development
Design department
Process Planning department
Tool Design department
Production departments
Maintenance departments
Utilities departments
Vendor development department
Industrial Engineering department
Information systems departments
Safety Engineering department
Environmental Engineering department
After Sales Service Department in case of manufactured products
Project Construction
Operation of Power Plants
Operation of Telecommunications Facilities

At organizational levels the following are natural choices for Engineering Management

Engineering companies
Manufacturing companies
Power Plants
Civil Construction Organizations
Telecommunications services
Software companies
Transport companies

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