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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Very Good Articles on Electronic Circuit Design

Electronic Circuits Design For Beginners:
Chapter 1: Ohm's Law - The Diode - Rectifiers
Chapter 2: Transformer Mounting - Printed Circuit Board - Soldering
Chapter 3: Capacitor - Voltage Filtering
Chapter 4: Regulated Power Supply - 78XX Regulator
Chapter 5: How to Calculate a Heat Dissipator
Chapter 6: Resistor Voltage Divider - Peak Detector - Clamp
Chapter 7: Zener Diode
Chapter 8: Bipolar Transistor - The Transistor as a Switch
Chapter 9: The Transistor as a Switch - Darlington Transistor
Chapter 10: LEDs
Chapter 11: Transistor in Active Region
Chapter 12: Common Collector Configuration

For links of chapters go to Knol Subdirectory - Electronics Engineering - Interesting Knols

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