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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Introduction to Industrial Engineering

Introduction to Industrial Engineering - Course at NITIE

This knol provides a focused view to industrial engineering.

Within the management discipline, there are various functional management areas. The management of functions where the technical skill is engineering is termed as engineering management. Industrial engineering is a functional area in business organizations where the primary technical skill is engineering. Industrial engineering is human effort engineering and system efficiency engineering.

Managers have to take care of effectiveness and efficiency. Effectiveness is deciding the right thing to do. Managers have to understand the customers' needs and wants and decide on the right products and right quantities to make. Then they have to interact with customers on a continuous basis and provide them the required service. Making operations efficient is another activity. Industrial engineers support managers in human effort engineering and making systems efficient.

The knol is now further enhanced by indicating the relevant chapters from Maynard's handbook and knols for each topic of the syllabus.

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