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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How to find out if your computer has a virus.


An easy to understand introduction to computer viruses and malicious software with guidance on detecting, removing and preventing infection.

Aimed mainly at people who use Microsoft Windows.
Has my computer got a virus?
If you use the Internet, your computer is at risk of infection from viruses. Much like biological viruses, some are harmless, some are merely...
What is a virus?
Why do people make viruses and other malware?
Stealing your bank details
Stealing your identity
Using your computer for illegal activity
Find out if you're infected
Antivirus software
1. Manually air gap the computer
2. Download antivirus software from a trusted source using a clean computer.
3. Stop suspicious software from running
4. Backup your data
5. Install antivirus sof tware and scan for viruses.
6. Get advice on identity theft.
Isn't there a faster detection method?
How do you get a virus?
The Blaster worm
Phishing sites
Auto run from CDs, DVDs and pendrives
Staying protected
Advanced malware removal
Malware removal tools
Recent improvements from Microsoft
Some jargon explained

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