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Monday, March 9, 2009

Jimmy Wales on Knol - February 2009

How seriously do you take Knol as a rival?

Jimmy Wales: I don't think Knol is a competitor at all. Knol is nothing like Wikipedia and doesn't have the potential to become anything like Wikipedia.

The very design of the site is really more of a blogging platform. They say very explicitly that they want people to post their own opinions and have more of a quirky commentary style. They have no editorial structure the way that we do to push for quality.

In an interview with DW-WORLD
Published on 05.02.2009,,4002653,00.html

I am sure many active knollers disagree with Jimmy Wales.

Many professors and faculty members are joining knol and I do not think Jimmy Wales or any other person has any reason to declare them as persons not competent to develop articles in their area of specialisation.

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Gregory Kohs said...

I have to agree that Jimmy Wales has very little remaining credibility to speak for what does and does not constitute reputable knowledge management.