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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tourist Places of India - Tour to India - Places to Visit

Tourist spots in India, the state in which they are located and importance of the place from tourism interest are given in a table. Links present in the table take visitors to more detailed information on the tourist town.


amod said...

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Amit Kumar said...

India is known for it’s culture, heritage, wildlife, deserts, temples, palaces and forts. India has plenty to offer the eager traveller. If any body interested to know more about india’s culture please visit:- India Culture Tours and Religious Tours In India

Bob said...

Taj Mahal is quite famous touring spots in world for its beauty and history. Every traveler want to visit this attraction. To know more about Taj Mahal visit:- Taj Mahal Agra Tours and Delhi Agra Jaipur Travel

ds.rana said...