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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hindi Knol Contest/Competition December 2009 'Hai Baaton Mein Dum?' Contest

How to create your entry in Hindi

Using Google Transliteration on Knol

Click the 'Submit your entry' button next to the topic you want to write about.
Sign in to your Google Account. Google Account is the email and password you use to sign in to Gmail and other Google products. IMPORTANT: If you don't have a Google Account, click here to create one.

Create your entry in Hindi using the Google product called Knol that will open when you click the 'Submit your entry' button and sign in to your Google Account.
Enable Hindi Transliteration by clicking the अ icon while you are in Edit mode in Knol and then type in English letters. Type in Hindi with English alphabets and the Hindi word that you have typed with English alphabets will be converted into Hindi characters after you hit Space or Enter. For example, typing "aloo" in English transliterates into Hindi as आलू .

You do not need to use Google Transliteration; you can use any tool you like to type in Hindi and copy/paste your entry into the open Knol page. A few other options for typing in Hindi are given below.
When you are done with your entry, you will need to hit "Publish" to make it available to us. If you have not completed your entry and would like to come back to it at a later time, just click the 'Save' button and come back to it later. Remember that your entry will not be complete until you hit the "Publish" button.
If you are a 9th to 12th standard student, please add the line "I am a 9th to 12th standard student" at the end of your entry. Please note that your student status will be verified if you become eligible for the special student prize.
Read other people's entries by clicking the 'View all entries' link under each topic and vote on them.

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