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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Knol Sub-Directory - Environmental Management and Green Initiatives - Interesting Knols

89 knols are listed in the directory.

Environment - Scientific Discoveries and Policy Responses
Environmental Degradation:

Fundamentals of our environment
Fundamentals of our environmental pollutions

Become an Environmental and Safety Supervisor
Become an Environmental Project Manager
Biofuels: Environmental, Resource, and Trade Implications

Carbon Footprint
Carbon Footprint reduction in Mining and Blasting operation
Coke and environmental impacts in making

Eco Tourism
Environmental Aspects Of Magnetic Induction Lamps
Environmental Awareness
Environmental engineer
Environmental Ethics
Environmental Friendly Textiles- a road to sustainability
Environmental Impact memorandum
Environmental Intelligence - The Truth about Synthetic Turf
Environmental Issues
Environmental science
Environmental Technologies
Environmental Value Engineering
Environment and Pollution

Global Warming and Greenhouse Gases
Going about an Environmental Services Director Job

Handbook on Environmental Sustainability
Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) Programs
How to save the environment...and money!

Knols about Environment and Ecosystem

means of payment and environment

Ozone layer depletion

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
Population growth and environmental degradation

Quality evaluation of Web-based collaborative programs as a resource for environmental education

Save our Environment
Sustainability - Economic, Environmental and Social

The Environmental Impact of Ebooks and Printed Books
The importance of our environment and its conservation
Theories of Evolution and their Implications for Ecology

What is the Environment?
Why Environmental Studies? Can We Transpose the Destruction?
World Environment Day - 5th June

Green Initiatives

Basement Walls: Do it Once, Do it Right, Make it Green.

Carbon Footprint reduction in Mining and Blasting operation
Clean coal technology (CCT)
Clean Technology - Green or Environmental FriendlyTechnology - Business and Investment Opportunities
Cork Flooring – A "Green" Solution

Eco-Friendly Flooring – The Meaning of "Green"

Getting Started in Green Building
Go Green At Work
Going Green to Make Green
Green Biz is part of Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)
Green Building/Clean Energy/Environment
Green Buildings
Green cleaning for your home
Green Cleaning: What Is It?
Green Computing
Green Electricity When The Sun's Not Shining
Green Energy for travel: What is it?
Green Hotels-Necessity for sustainable Environment
Green Sustainable Communities - The Future
Green Travel Plan
Green Website Design and Eco-Friendly Online Marketing

How to Go Green in Your Kitchen

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Official I want Green Search Engine : Save PC power and Save Energy of your Eyes

Sustainable and green city development

Ten Tips to Going Green
The Green Alpaca
Three Categories Websites to Find Green Commodity

10 Ways to "Green" Your Home
101 Ways to Save Green and Live Green

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